Our Vision - A Family Church

The United Reformed Church believes in the ministry of the whole people of God: women and men, young and old, ordained and lay.

Whilst we recognise particular ministries we are committed to supporting and developing a wide variety of ministry that is exercised by and on behalf of the members of the United Reformed Church.

The Children's and Youth pages contain information and resources relating to particular work amongst and by the younger members of the church.

A Community Based Church

Whilst our community is not a straightforward one, it is stable and full of people and God's opportunities.

It is also an area in which we recognise our responsibilities. Therefore, we work to bring a sense of the ‘otherness of God' to it by making our Church a place that can be used by local people to meet their needs.

We offer our facilities for community events and activities currently we do this through private bookings (e.g. public meetings, Slimming Club, children and neighbourhood parties) and through our own more focused work (e.g. Friendship 2000 [seniors] Toddler Group, Wacky Wednesdays, One Soul, Wednesday Fellowship, Messy Church, Sunday Discovery Zone).

In this way we not only strive to meet people's immediate needs, but also to raise their awareness of our Church and its relevance, so that we can begin to meet their spiritual needs as well

We have a fully refurbished building well situated and with a variety of spaces available to be used by the community.