A Witnessing Church Aware of its Mission

About four years ago we began to look seriously not just at the Church we had, but at the Church we wanted, recognising that if we ceased to develop, our complacency would soon lead to decline and then who would witness? Therefore, we identified the need for real growth and challenged ourselves to discover and take appropriate action.

Thus began a new journey of mission for our Church, an adventure which is still continuing. As part of this we gave everyone the opportunity to contribute their views and ideas and from these, we established a ‘mission group’, led by our ministers, that would galvanise this new momentum and begin to formulate ideas and action, whilst reporting back to Elders and other members and evaluating progress. Within this, we also set ourselves targets by which we were willing to be judged, two of the most significant being (on a measurable and perceptional basis respectively) to achieve real and sustained numerical and spiritual growth.

So far we have been encouraged by the results, but realise we are only at the beginning of work which must be pursued and sustained.