We see the way we worship, in its broadest context, but particularly on a Sunday, as crucial to our own personal spiritual growth and well-being and the success of our witness as a whole. To do this we have attempted to:

Be more welcoming, with such things as coffee before the service as well as after, together with designated ‘welcomers’ to ensure anyone new to our congregation is made to feel as comfortable and valued as possible (without going over the top!).

Make better use of technology, e.g. recorded music, a data projector.

Use drama and dance wherever appropriate and possible.

Involve young people more in worship and in the leading of worship. We believe all age worship (which happens at least once a month) is a real strength of our Church.

Sustain our commitment to weekly communion, but be flexible as to when it takes place e.g. morning or evening or even at a breakfast gathering.

Evaluate our progress and surround our work with prayer.

Our evening worship is attended by much smaller numbers, but, whilst we would obviously like the group to grow, we have chosen to take a positive view and give this particular service a clear definition as a more contemplative time. On some occasions we plan ‘special’ services, using a different format and involving large numbers. This often brings in many people, including those who only have limited contact with us. On these evenings our Church is often full.

Other forms of worship take place at different times and on other days.