Below are the online versions of our Sunday service for those who are unable to visit the church or as an added extra worship service for you to enjoy!


Sunday 13th June

Bulwell URC 130621 Small things matter


Sunday 30th May

Bulwell URC 300521 The Trinity


Sunday 23rd May

Bulwell URC 230521 Pentecost


Sunday 16th May

Bulwell URC 160521 Into all the world


Sunday 9th May

Bulwell URC 090521 Christian Aid Week


Sunday 1st May

Bulwell URC 020521 The Vine and the Branches


Sunday 25th April

Bulwell URC 250421 The Good Shepherd


Sunday 18th April

Bulwell URC 180421 Emmaus Road


Sunday 11th April

Bulwell URC 110421 Jesus & Thomas


Sunday 4th April

Bulwell URC 040421 Easter Day


Sunday 28th March



Sunday 21st March

Bulwell URC 210321 Lent 5 The Gospel for all people


Sunday 14th March

Bulwell URC 140321 Lent 4 Light for the world


Sunday 7th March

Bulwell URC 070321 Lent 3 – Jesus clears the Temple Courts


Sunday 28th February

Bulwell URC 280221 Lent 2 – The way of the cross


Sunday 21st February

Bulwell URC 210221 Jesus experience in the wilderness


Sunday 14th February

Bulwell URC 140221 The Transfiguration


Sunday 7th February

Bulwell URC 070221 Jesus shows his priorities