Our One Soul group meets every Friday evening. 

~ Suitable for children aged 11-16 years
~ Join us between 7-9pm
~ £1 per young person
~ Up to 50p tuck 

Contact Eleanor Rice to find out more.


During the evening we have table tennis, pool table and football table out for the young people to engage with as well as board games and craft activities. Halfway through we stop for a time of discussion. Previous discussions have included; charity, poverty, war, friendships and family, focusing on their opinions and an insight into what the bible says. Afterwards we open up the tuck shop and the games are played until the end of the evening.  

We also go on trips. Previous trips have included laser quest, red kangaroo and climbing as well as having pudding nights, baking nights, pizza making nights and film nights.  

We want the young people to have ownership of the group so try our best to accommodate their suggestions for activities and trips out.  

We aim to run the group throughout the year and try to stay open over the school holidays. Contact Eleanor Rice to confirm if we are going to run the session.