Welcome to Bulwell U.R.C.

What we stand for:

Our Church is a community that:

  • Combines U.R.C. and Churches of Christ thinking and tradition, mixed with an openness to new possibilities and the desire to be relevant to people of all ages, in a modern world.
  • Seeks to spread the gospel and touch and change people’s lives with its real and relevant message. Following the idea of ‘the priesthood of all believers’, we believe in equal opportunities which allow everyone to be involved in leading all aspects of Church life and development, as appropriate to personal aptitudes and potential. In this way we have created a culture of shared leadership, mutual support, value and encouragement, which cares for all and encourages each person to make a contribution, from the minister to the newest member.
  • Believes in the importance of personal and spiritual development.
  • Strives for vibrant, diverse worship, which is engaging, meaningful and relevant to different people and ages, seeking spiritual depth, sustaining flow, energy and pace.
  • Uses different leaders.
  • Has a strong sense of the role of Elders.
  • Is not fixed to one version of ‘Church’ and is open to different forms of worship, at different times and on different days.
  • Uses music, drama, dance and technology to enhance worship and people’s personal involvement and value.
  • Is friendly and welcoming and believes in putting itself out for others.
  • Is community based, largely made up of local people, representing a broad socio-economic mix and seeks, therefore, to serve an established and diverse local population in line with its mission statement.
  • Believes in ecumenism and has always sought to play a lead role in Bulwell Churches Together.
  • Encourages prayer, both in an open context within worship and at other times to support its work and vision.
  • Celebrates communion on a weekly basis.
  • Celebrates both infant and believer’s baptism, dedication and confirmation services.
  • Actively shares in the life of Synod and National Church.
  • Actively seeks a better and more just world.
  • Believes in and practises Fair Trade.
  • Is not just for Sundays and believes that modern church should have a much broader definition than Sunday attendance.
  • Is always looking to move forward.
  • Is open to new ideas and creative leadership.

In the context of our belief in the ‘priesthood of all believers’ we encourage members to explore, use and develop their varied gifts, especially in terms of pastoral support and leading worship. Therefore we have a strong pastoral team and six elders who regularly lead worship, including communion. This expertise and experience extends to leading our monthly commitment to ‘all age’ or ‘altogether’ worship, as well as more inventive approaches. Some of the photos show this, as well as illustrating something of the diversity of our ‘membership’. Similarly we have people skilled in children’s and young people’s work and the use of drama in worship. Moreover, we believe very much in what we call a ‘relational approach’ to evangelism and serving our community i.e. ‘mission and leadership delivered through relationship’, which we have found is the single most effective way forward in serving a community such as ours. This means that we also have leaders of our community in other ways within our membership and our reach stretches well beyond the walls of our church. We also have a very strong and effective system of pastoral support. We genuinely see ourselves as representing a biblically based, modern version of what an ‘extended family’ might be and very much care for those who are valued members of this family in any way they may need our support (practically, emotionally and spiritually).

Our main sanctuary supports our different approaches by providing us with a modern, flexible space, served by up-to-date audio-visual technology and stage lighting as required.

A good example of putting the flexibility of our sanctuary space to good use and our openness to experimenting with new ideas (alongside the potential of our witness within our community) is when we decided to open up, with relevant ‘light’ activities and refreshments on offer, on Halloween, inviting anyone passing, whilst out ‘tricking and treating, to pop in. We had hoped in the two hours we were open to attract as many as 30-40 children and parents. 300 turned up!

We are also well served by a terrific Church Based Children’s and Family Leader who is experienced and effective in her work and strong and trusted in her relationships with a wide variety of individuals, other professionals and organisations within and beyond our community. We believe she not only has an excellent and continuing role to fulfil at Bulwell, but also has the personality, expertise and ambition, that supported and valued properly, will allow her to play an extended role as part of the Resource Church.  She will be a great ally for any Area Minister.

Bulwell URC is a great church to be a part of and make your own. It is a warm, friendly, dynamic, innovative community, in which you will quickly feel a valued and cherished member. A place where you can feel at ease, nurtured, appreciated, loved and supported. A place, as is necessary, where you can, re-charge your batteries, find people with whom they can reflect on their ideas, practice, challenges and priorities or simply a place where they can worship, without the need to lead. Such a place, a place to call ‘home’, is Bulwell.