One Body – Many Parts

We believe that modern successful church, as with effective leadership, is delivered through relationship. It is this true sense of vision and witness built upon trust, respect and togetherness that the five North Notts Area Churches (Bulwell, as Resource Church, alongside Arnold, Hucknall, Sherwood) have set out to achieve. It is a sense of partnership that is inspired and guided by Christian values and integrated through our agreed common core purpose and mission statement that:

‘In the name of Jesus Christ we pray and work together to help people in our communities to develop their relationship with God and with each other.’

This is a forward-facing commitment to the Christian values that are at the heart of all that we believe and all that drives us forward, as testified to further by the Vision and Values Statement displayed on the walls of our Bulwell Resource Church:

Meeting regularly as the leaders of each individual church, including overcoming the challenges of an unprecedented pandemic, we are now ready to breathe life into this spirit filled vision and partnership, making all that we have worked towards a true reality. We are ready to discover not simply who we are as an ‘Area Church’, but who we can be. The firm foundations have been laid to help us build the ‘innovative building’ we believe our area church partnership can be. The key to turn our vision and prayers into an exciting reality and the great future we believe God has in store for us.

This is a coming together of equals who whilst seeing themselves as part of the church universal, each make their own contribution, as determined by their own character, community and circumstance, to delivering the Good News of Jesus Christ. We all find ourselves in different circumstances but recognise and respect that we all share in common our dedication and absolute commitment to playing whatever part we are able in delivering that Gospel Mission. We see ourselves genuinely as our own North Notts example of the truth expressed in Romans 12:4-5, that we should be different parts of the same body. Each of us working hard to show our diverse communities what it means to have a relationship with God and each other, each expressing that mission according to to the personalities of our own churches and varied needs of the unique neighbourhoods we serve.